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Forumu saraksts/Reklāma/ICO campaign - looking forward to new teammates,
Pievienots: 15.12.2017
Ziņojumi: 2
ICO campaign - looking forward to new teammates,
15.12.2017 22:55

Our team is growing!

We are working on our ICO campaign and looking forward to new teammates, campaign assistants, and advisors. Have you heard about the cryptocurrency and decentralized apps? Are you passionate about working on new product development and implementation? Want to gain new skills and experience in emerging crypto-industry? Then this might be for you!

Current positions: Campain managers: Passionate about technology, with great writing and communication skills. Ability to manage multiple communication channels. Fluent in English, Russian can be optional. Relevant experience in content or online marketing. Bounty program managers: Precise, well organized and with sound judgment. You will have to organize bounty proposals and measure their added value. Blockchain developers: You have the experience with the blockchain development and are able to program the Ethereum based smart contracts. Advisors: Reputable expert. We seek your knowledge and wisdom in the fields of the blockchain, economics, finance, mobile messaging or cross between them. You already might know what do we need, so let us know how can you help. Please let us know if you are interested and send your CV to euro.project@inbox.lv

Forumu saraksts/Reklāma/ICO campaign - looking forward to new teammates,
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